Consistently excellent reviews.

My partners and me where all very happy with Nicks work. Contract and consulting where exactly fitting to our needs.

Thomas Pondelek, Brotformen Pty Ltd

Nicholas was a pleasure to work with. He took the time to explain items to me in ways that I could understand. I will definitely approach him again for future work and recommend him to others.

Nickolas Pinchbeck, The AV Resource Pty Ltd

Nicholas treated my small startup marketplace Privacy policy and Terms and Conditions with utmost respect and care. Great listening skills and very attentive with feedback. If you are a small business looking for a lawyer who’ll treat you as a person with specific needs and not just as another copy paste project, then Nick is your guy.

Denise Ellis, Aussie Virtual Markets

Nick was great to deal with would highly recommend went above and beyond to help out Thanks Nick!

Benjamin Dunn, BD Landscaping Pty Ltd

Nick is able to communicate clearly and efficiently. Very knowledgeable and have your interest at heart. Work very quickly and accurately.


Gordon Yan, Technehq R&D Holdings Pty Ltd

Nick was fantastic in getting together a service contract for my clients. His attention to detail was second to none. Great on the telephone explaining all the questions I had for him. Highly recommend his services.

Tim Buhagiar, DevNet Technology Services

Highly recommend Nicholas to anyone requiring a lawyer who understands both commercial and open source software licensing and really gets it. He helped to amend a new contract with a client when I really need it and followed up too.

Branko Juric, Gwenify Pty Ltd

Nicholas is all we could have asked for and more. Would recommend him for anything contract law related! Thank you Nick!


James Menassa, Optimise Gaming

Nick helped us work through a commercial contract. He was attentive and talked through out needs and what outcomes we wanted to achieve helping us understand what was needed. We had a couple of revisions which he also helped work through. Very helpful!

Joshua Craig, Brass Neck Broadcast Pty Ltd

Nick is an amazing and wonderful lawyer who pays great attention to detail and is always available to give exceptional advice! Definitely would recommend!

Luke Shirley, VENO Management